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How will watching of hese hockey matches help you?

In sports, as in betting on it, there is nothing better than practice because nothing can replace it. In order to be well versed in hockey and also become like it you need to watch many matches and read analytical articles. Today we will remember the best hockey matches that are definitely worthy of your attention. Viewing them will help you better understand hockey and also understand how to make correct predictions and bets based on them.

USSR-Canada, 1972
Many experts believe that the best ice hockey game in the history of the sport took place in 1972. It was a meeting between the USSR national team and the Canadian national team from the famous super series. The game in Montreal was watched by eighteen thousand spectators, it ended with a score of 7: 3 in favor of the Soviet hockey players.

Russia 7-4 Finland, OI-1998 semi-finals
But in 98 – on the first arrival of the NHL team to the Games – the stars came together: the team was headed by Yurzinov Sr., the best players booked tickets to Japan, and Pavel Bure issued a brilliantly ideal tournament. His 5 goals in the semifinals are not just a masterpiece, but a rare mockery. Bure ran away, ran away, flew away and simply made it clear that his level, in comparison with the earthly Finns, is cosmic.

Russia – Canada 2012
They did it, they turned 6: 1 into 6: 5 and shot Makarov for five minutes. For which, perhaps, it was the best 5 minutes of his career. Then there was an excellent (for Makarov) final against the Swedes, but it didn’t end so abruptly. But the collection of the best hockey matches was replenished, Kuznetsov issued one of the best games of 2012, some goalkeepers started – others finished. It was fun for both viewers and those who bet.

How to do a pre-match analysis?

Before placing a bet, the user needs to find the percentage of the goalkeeper’s goals won in matches. Such information is freely available on statistics services. When analyzing the line of defense, one should look at the value of utility and “plus or minus”. It shows the percentage of goals scored and conceded when this athlete was in the arena.
The level of athletes in the offensive line in hockey games can be determined by the number of goals scored and the number of passes made. To get information about the club, you need to look at the average performance. Special attention in bets is paid to the implementation of throws. Users bet on teams that are good at implementing scoring chances.
For example, the user analyzes the matches and determines that the opponents have a lot of injured players. Moreover, they are important participants in coaching tactics. This fact is important and plays a special role in betting. A team with a large number of injured hockey players will not be able to outplay an equal opponent. All of these will help you to make a successful bet.


hockey betting

The most famous teams in ice hockey history on which you can bet

As in any sports game, hockey has its own specific achievements and victories, which all participants in the competition strive for. Most of the crews that we present on today’s list still exist and the traditions of their founders. These are teams that have a strong school, long traditions and love of fans. So you can safely place bets on them and know for sure that you will not go wrong
Team “Montreal Canadiens”.

The Canadian club is the most decorated one in the history of the NHL. During its existence, athletes were able to win 24 Stanley Cups. A total of 51 members from the club’s representatives occupy a place of honor in the hall of fame, and the most outstanding player is Lee Lefleur.

Detroit Red Wings
America has its own great athletes, most of all celebrities have released this particular hockey club. It was founded in 1926 and has won 11 Stanley Cups during its existence. In total, the team reached the final and played for their country 13 times. One of the outstanding players was Steve Yzerman, who was able to score 155 points in the individual competition during the period 88/89. Defender Niklas Lidstrom and Gordie Howe were not inferior in personal achievements.

Toronto Maple Leafs
The ice hockey club, formed in Ontario in 1917, occupies an honorable third place in the ranking; in the history of its performances, the group won the Stanley Cup 13 times, but they managed to reach the final only 8 times. Mats Sundin was recognized as the most outstanding player in the club in terms of points (his record is 987 points), and George Armstrong stood out in terms of the total number of games played.

Chicago Blackhawks
The state of Illinois in the United States also distinguished itself with its hockey club. The national team brought victory and won the Stanley Cup 6 times, and the team had a chance to reach the final 7 times. Denis Sevara is the best athlete with the most points and also ranked # 1 in effective passing. An all time favorite among those who bet.

Boston Bruins
The state of Massachusetts in the United States gave the world another hockey club in 1924. They won the Stanley Cup a total of 6 times, and the national team reached the final 13 times. Of the most outstanding players, Phil Esposito can be distinguished for the better, who earned the most points and also set the maximum number of goals scored. Recently, they have gained popularity in betting.

Why should you try betting on hockey?

If you are well versed in this sport, there is always a chance to make money from betting. Before making a bet in live or pre match, the player needs to analyze in detail the upcoming game between hockey teams.