The Ukrainian U-20 national hockey team has made it very difficult to fight for first place after the defeat by Japan at the World Championship in Division 1B. After that, the Ukrainian hockey players met with France, which is considered one of the group’s favorites. And Ukraine quite unexpectedly scored 5 goals in the first period, although it missed the first one.
In the second 20 minutes, the French scored three goals and reduced the gap to a minimum. And at the start of the third period, the opponent equalized. Then Ukraine did not realize the majority, but the opponent used his numerical advantage – 6: 5.
It is difficult to say whether after such an almost flawless period the Ukrainians believed in the victory too early or whether France added so much, but Ukrainian hockey players not only lost the advantage by the seventh minute of the third period but also allowed their opponents to advance.
Ukrainian juniors showed the ability to hold the blow and first after Simchuk’s throw into the empty net they played back, and in overtime, after the combination played by the same Simchuk, Korzhiletsky, and Grebenik they snatched the victory – 7: 6.
Despite this success, France scored 7 points, while Ukraine has only 5 points.