NHL clubs betting is very popular among professional players and aspiring forecasters. Not every capper is well versed in overseas hockey. Over 2,500 matches are played in this hockey league in one season. The championship is attended by 31 clubs from the USA and Canada. To make a competent prediction for the NHL, the player will have to carefully study the style of play of the teams and find an effective strategy to use.

Los Angeles Kings
The Los Angeles hockey club in 2012 and 2014 was a unique phenomenon. The 2014 Kings dominated the defense, playing mediocre attacking, but had an amazing character. Three victories in the seventh matches of the series, the victory over San Jose after the score 0-3 – all this was an amazing story that can hardly be repeated. In the final, Los Angeles beat the Rangers in five games, and two of that final required a double overtime (both times the Californians won). You can also bet on them, if they are your preferred.

Chicago Blackhawks
At first we wanted to put Tampa hockey club in first place last year. Even if she unexpectedly lost to Columbus in the first round, it was clear to everyone that this was just a fatal accident, while the record 62 wins could not be accidental. But in the end, the weight of the achievements of “Chicago” slightly outweighed – partly due to the fact that the “black hawks” are now in a deep crisis, and “Tampa”, on the contrary, will only increase the champion’s appetite.
Chicago has averaged 24 consecutive points in 2013 since the start of the NHL regular season. Winning the President Trophy, a triumphant six-game final against Boston with triple overtime in the first game, it was the Blackhawks’ peak of power, led by Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews. They have always been the favorites among those who bet on hockey.

St. Louis Blues
The Bluesmen can be called the strangest NHL club of the decade. The Blues opened the 2018/2019 hockey season with the intent to compete for lofty goals, but by early January they were at the bottom. The change of head coach, a new hero in the person of goalkeeper Jordan Binnington was able to improve the situation so much that St. Louis quickly gained a game tone and played like a true hockey champion.
True, later everything disappeared almost as quickly as it appeared: the “musicians” did not lose their status as a contender, but frequent injuries of leaders prevented them from realizing their potential again.

Washington Capitals
They won 56 NHL regular season games with 120 points. They were ready to tear and throw, beating everyone on the way to the coveted trophy, but Pittsburgh had their own plans for this. In six matches of the second round, the “capitals” were defeated again, and the “penguins” were the only team who could beat that “Washington”. Usually, they have the highest betting odds.

Is it profitable to bet on hockey?

All bettors want to receive income at a distance. This requires a lot of work and analysis of NHL games. Successful bids involve time-consuming user activity. It is recommended to make a bet on those markets which you understand in detail, like hockey. Bets on NHL games with unclear outcomes will result in loss of money.