How can anyone make a successful bet on hockey?

You can hardly meet a true hockey fan who has never bet on his favorite club in bookmakers. An additional charge of emotions, worries, adrenaline and, as a rule, financial losses over a long distance. In order to make a profit, the first step is to give up betting on your favorites. And the rest of the recommendations on the topic of how to bet on hockey and win are collected in this material.

Features of betting on hockey

In hockey gambling, as in gambling on any other sport, there are a lot of nuances. Consider the key features of hockey that deserve attention when playing in bookmakers:

  • In hockey, strong-willed victories are common. The current advantage of the team is not yet a reason to bet a large amount on it in live. It is possible that the losing opponent will get angry, gather strength, and then throw in a few pucks.
  • Gambles are usually accepted without taking into account overtime, this is how hockey differs from basketball. But there are also exceptions. Be sure to find out before gambling whether overtime will be taken into account when calculating the result.
  • Games are held quite often, so objective statistics can be compiled. For example, after a few away games, the crew usually gets tired, so the likelihood of winning is reduced. Sometimes, before a principled game, a club can save strength, and the home field factor significantly increases the chances of winning.
  • For a high-quality pre-match analysis of the team’s form, it is necessary to take into account injuries and disqualifications of individual players, the success of away fights, statistics of head-to-head matches and the factor of “inconvenient opponent”.
  • In hockey, the goalkeeper can be replaced by the sixth field player, this feature attracts a lot of fans and keeps the intrigue of the fight. It is imperative to take this feature into account when making a bet in live.
  • In hockey, there are bets on long-term statistics, such as winning the NHL. Sometimes it is not difficult to predict the outcome of a championship, and the odds can be very decent.

How to bet on live hockey correctly?

When watching the broadcast, experienced bettors can evaluate the strength of the teams and determine the winner. You may make a bet during the match; in live mode, the odds change several times a minute, depending on the situation on the ice. Considering the dynamics of the development of events in hockey, you can make good money if you bet on a temporarily losing leader. Naturally, if the players are in good shape, and the missed goals were an accident.
There is a significant drawback to real-time gambling. Sometimes bookmakers stop accepting rates if one of the teams is in the majority. Especially often little-known bookmakers sin with this, they simply do not want to take risks and accept rates from players with a high probability of winning one of the clubs. It is better to avoid such offices, as it will be very difficult to make money on bets in them.

Everyone can figure out how to bet on hockey in Live mode. To do this, you need to select the current match, determine the rate, add it to the coupon, indicate the amount of the operation and confirm the action. The main thing is to understand the types of bets and, of course, to correctly analyze one by one.

Analysis of hockey matches for the correct prediction and the best bet

Winning hockey depends on the chemistry of the roster, it is a team game, so mutual understanding and interaction at the rink may help more than individual skill and good form of individual players.
Find out about the latest purchases of the team, but keep in mind that the new player needs time to adapt to the new club. If you see that the player is still playing uncertainty, then you may bet on less in his individual total, his chances of scoring the puck are small.

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Do not bet on teams with poor physical fitness to win. At the very beginning of the game, it will give an advantage, but then fatigue will affect. A team will simply surrender the match even to an obvious outsider, but with tough players. A star coach is also not always an indicator that a team will win the championship. There are examples when little-known coaches took their teams to the top of the championships. Important analytics factors are:

  • The form of the opponents. Pay close attention to the last five matches. Keep in mind that home and away games are completely different from each other. The tribune factor and the support of the fans can give an edge if the forces are practically equal. Analyze home and away matches separately. If a club constantly loses away, then their chances of winning away are slim.
    Head-to-head confrontation. Hockey is a tactically difficult sport. Game models of different teams may turn out to be incompatible with each other, there is a factor of “inconvenient opponent”. Even the clear favorites have a gap in the defense that will help the underdog win. This appears only when watching matches, statistics and the standings will not help you. Study face-to-face confrontations, view records of previous face-to-face meetings.
  • Motivation. If a team wants to win, their chances of winning are increased. Even a super-team of stars will be powerless on the field if they don’t need to win at the rink today. If you understand that the team does not need victory, then boldly gamble on the opponent. The odds of the bookmakers should not be taken into account.
  • Injured and Disqualified Players. Be aware of which hockey player will miss the next match due to injury or disqualification. Even the injury of a substitute player is important, because at the right critical moment he will not be able to go to the rink. We recommend that you write down the lineups in detail on a separate sheet of paper, putting marks next to the name of each hockey player. This will give you visual information about the form of the team as a whole.

Main thoughts to remember

Hockey confrontations are frequent. Athletes have a great load, often strength techniques are used in the game.
In gambling, you need to understand the specifics of the game. Bettors need to be able to determine tactics and watch online broadcasts of confrontations. High quotes are found in matches with clubs of equal strength. Even with 60% forecast passability, you may get income. Before making a bet, a detailed analysis of the opposition is required. You need to look at 5 past matches and statistics.