In terms of the volume of bets, the NHL is second only to the leading European football championships, the Champions League, the Europa League and tennis tournaments of the Grand Slam and Masters categories. On average, bookmakers accept about $ 2 million for each regular hockey season match, and almost $ 6 million for a playoff match.

The secret of popularity is that the NHL meets all the requirements of professional betting: crystal honesty of the match, during the season, matches are played every day, a huge distance of events in a calendar year, large highs in offices, a voluminous list for each meeting.
But it is very difficult for beginners to beat the line of the best hockey league in the world and bet on it.

There are number of objective reasons:

  1. This is a big market, where every event is decomposed by analysts to the smallest detail – there are no values.
  2. All hockey teams have equal budgets, so the division into favorites and outsiders is conditional. Everyone can beat everyone.
  3. Standard factors (motivation, physics, home / away play, derby, statistics) hardly matter. Hockey players always crumble to the fullest – most of the results contradict logic.
  4. However, with the right choice of bookmaker and the abandonment of the standard mindset, making money in the NHL matches is not so difficult. Now we will tell you everything using specific examples, determine the optimal legal office and reveal the most popular strategies.

Where to bet?

  • Let’s highlight the main criteria when choosing a bookmaker:
  • Prompt publication of the line.
  • Odds and margin.
  • Painting.
  • LIVE.
  • Statistics.
  • Broadcasts, limits and exclusive markets are fading into the background. No one shows NHL matches, because it costs terrible money, the highs in large markets are approximately the same for all offices, and bets on the number of broken clubs and coaching resignations are entertainment for pops.
  • Regular better than play-off

The NHL season is divided into the regular hockey

season and the playoffs. The top eight teams from each conference advance to a hit streak. According to statistics, predicting the results of regular season matches is much easier than predicting the playoffs. The factors of prohibitive responsibility and fear of departure have a negative impact on even the strongest hockey teams. How many times Washington, confidently winning the regular season, merged during the playoffs! And there are plenty of such examples in the NHL.
Nevertheless, even in the NHL playoffs, some trends can be predicted. Almost always, teams in blow-out matches try to play defensive hockey. And all those strategies for total, which we wrote about above, do not work here. But bets work on the fact that there will be fewer goals than the bookmakers offer.
There are a lot of betting options in the NHL. It is important to find those that will consistently bring you income. One strategy didn’t work – try another. Sooner or later, you will find your hockey niche.