Granlund, Markus Granlund.

When the 23-year-old Finish forward got to the team hotel in Chicago Saturday evening, a circle of Canucks were waiting, watching and giggling in the lobby. Pulling his suitcase up to the key table, where each player’s name was on an envelope with their key and room number inside, he noticed his laughing teammates and got suspicious.

His envelope was there, as was his key. Hmmmm…

Checking his suitcase, Granlund noticed it was locked, with a lock. A lock that wasn’t there when he put his suitcase on Air Canucks.

“Very funny guys,” he smiled. “Where’s the key?”

Like that, the lobby was empty.

Fast-forward to the Canucks morning skate at United Center Sunday. As the Zamboni zambonied, I asked Granlund what happened with his suitcase.

“There was a wine bottle opener in my room,” he explained. “So I just picked the lock.”

If that’s true, it’s insanely 007 of you Granlund.

“No way that’s true!” yelled Luca Sbisa, skating by.

We can add did Granlund do it to the question of who put the lock on in the first place!

Sticking with the theme of unanswered questions, Canucks goalie coach Dan Cloutier was on the bench pre-skate, discussing United Center memories.

“I fought Steve Passmore in this building,” said Cloutier, pointing to the red line in front of the Canucks bench. “Right there!”

A quick YouTube search and there we all were, coach Willie Desjardins included, huddled around a phone watching Cloutier throw down.

“Probert came after me when the fight was done,” laughed Cloutier. “I’ve always wondered what happens if Probert would have gotten a hold of me. Think we would have fought? That would have been something.”

That certainly would have been something.

“Not sure we’d be watching that video right now!” laughed Cloutier.

Oh we’d definitely be watching that video right now!

Derek Jory – @NoJoryous

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