Friends – for life

Bo Horvat is one of the most popular guys in the Canucks dressing room – for good reason.

Being one of Horvat’s friends means he’ll be there for you, when the rain starts to pour. He’ll be there for you, like he’s been there before. He’ll be there for you, ‘cause you’re there for him too.

Same goes for Troy Stecher.

When we were descending into Dallas yesterday, the guys started talking TV shows and what they’re all watching. The Walking Dead was mentioned, as was Game of Thrones. “Friends,” added Brendan Gaunce. “That’s all Bo watches.”

There was a laugh, and on with our day we all went.

When I later cornered Horvat to ask him if it was true, he blushed and said yes, he loves Friends. “I need my Joey and Chandler sometimes!”

I mentioned this type of revelation is what Fort Nucks was created for and he let me in on an even bigger secret: “Stech is the Friends fanatic. I like it, I’ve definitely seen every episode, but Stech has seen every season like eight times.”

Janice voice: Oh. My. God.

Let’s do the math here. Horvat is 21-years-old, born April 5, 1995, while Stecher is 22-years-old, born April 7, 1994. Friends aired on NBC from September 22, 1994, to May 6, 2004, lasting ten seasons.

Twelve years after it ended, two Canucks who were born at roughly the same time the show started and weren’t even teenagers when it ended, are now deep back into reruns?

“I saw it one day and just thought it looked good,” said Horvat, whose parents didn’t watch it. “And it is good!”

There’s a deeper connection for Stecher.

With tons of time on his hands in college, he needed something light to watch. He fired up Friends and found it relatable.

“I had four roommates in college and there were always lots of people around, so it was just like on the show,” laughed Stecher. “It’s honestly the best show ever. I’ve watched it from beginning to end I think eight times. I’d say Joey is my favourite…Chandler is hilarious though. But Ross is great…I can’t name a favourite!”

Stecher is getting a Bernese puppy early next year and he’s already named it: Phoebe.

So who’s the bigger Friends fan? Sure Stecher has seen all 236 episodes eight times (1,888 episodes!), but Horvat knows his stuff too.

We put them to the test in a Friends quiz for the ages.

Now you know how Horvat and Stecher spend their down time!


I was obsessed with Friends back in the day, as everyone was. Thursday night’s Must See TV line-up was as juicy as it gets; Friends, Seinfeld, Frasier, Will & Grace, Just Shoot Me, Scrubs, Caroline in the City and of course ER, they all rotated through to create an epic night of appointment viewing.

Netflix has made that much easier, Friends is available to watch 24 hours a day and I always questioned who was still watching it, what with all the incredible new shows these days.

Now I have an answer. I can also weigh in on which Friends character was the best: Ross!

Shout out to Canucks cameraman Charlie Canaan for not only shooting and editing this piece, but also getting the faces of Joey & Phoebe printed!

Derek Jory – @NoJoryous

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