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How cool are Dan and Christina! I’ve met a lot of Canucks fans on the road and heard tons of stories, yet few compare to this couple. Myself, hailing from Manitoba and being bitten by the Pavel Bure bug during the Cup run in 1994, I can relate to Dan and his cheering from abroad.

I don’t think many married men can relate to Dan in that his wife was chill enough to include his favourite team in their wedding day, however. Sure, some couples have had themes or even named the tables after different players, but contacting the team and arranging to have Fin make an appearance is next level.

Although Fin was unavailable for comment (as always due to the whole I don’t speak whale thing), it’s clear from the photos he had a blast; Fin’s not blowing smoke when he blows smoke, it a sign of endearment.

I initially talked to Christina a couple months ago, but being in New Jersey, I met and spoke with them again and they came down to meet some of the players post-game. We’ll call it a late wedding gift!

Here are a few more photos from Dan and Christina’s wedding.





Were the Canucks part of your wedding? Are you terrified of mascots and Fin being at your big day is horrifying? What’s your story? Comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

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