Airplane Mode

And away we go!

The Vancouver Canucks have embarked on their longest road trip of the season, a seven-game trek through the east coast of Canada and the United States. First stop is Buffalo and then New Jersey and then Columbus and then Ottawa and then Toronto and then Montreal and then Winnipeg.

And then?


This 12,500 kilometre trip features three games in four nights to get the ball rolling, days off in Columbus and Ottawa (on Remembrance Day) and plenty of winning – hopefully.

All-in-all we’ll take eight flights and be in the clouds for hours on end with free time to sleep, read, watch movies or TV shows, talk and eat; it’s quiet time for the players, who put their phones on airplane mode and coast.

Jared McCann was buzzing when he arrived at Vancouver International Airport Thursday morning. Two suit bags in his right hand, a duffle bag over his left shoulder and an excited smile on his face, McCann said the longest trip he’s ever been on was a three-game, five-day trip last season with the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds.

“It was 13 hours there, 13 hours back – in a bus,” said McCann, shaking his head.

And I was thinking our five hour flight from Vancouver to Buffalo was intense.

“Thirteen hours is a long time, it doesn’t just fly by” he laughed. “You watch movies, sleep, read and go to some weird places. That’s a lot of time with the boys.”

As I write this, McCann is three rows behind me on Air Canucks, row 10, seat D, headphones in, laptop glowing. He’s watching Southpaw as Ryan Miller snoozes to his right, head against the closed window.

If McCann wanted, he could stretch his legs fully out, while seated. He’ll get a large meal in about 90 minutes and if he’s hungry, there’s a snack bin above row seven at his disposal.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight. Welcome to NHL, rookie.

It’s all about perspective. Without those bus rides, McCann wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate how the Canucks travel, yet in the moment, barreling down the highway like a greyhound, in a Greyhound, with the Greyhounds, he thought it would never end.

As this trip wears on and everything starts to blur, don’t expect to hear any complaints out of McCann. Just the gentle hum of his computer and quiet conversation in his ear buds.


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