Hungry For More

Eddie Lack’s hunger was insatiable and in Chicago, that’s really saying something.

The Blackhawks are very kind to the media who cover the team at the United Center, they offer a huge buffet in the press box at the second intermission and it is debonair.

Even that couldn’t satisfy Lack.

Two years ago, Eddie Lack was the starting goalie for the Chicago Wolves, then Vancouver’s AHL affiliate. He hadn’t played an NHL game and he was starting to wonder if he ever would.

At the time, Lack was recovering from hip surgery and his spirits were understandably low. He joined me in the press box, crutches and all, and guest tweeted from @VanCanucks, which was fun and painful for the then 25-year-old.

During the superb second intermission I made up a plate for Lack and myself filled with all the necessary fixins to protrude our bellies and make us never want to eat again.

By some colossal error, some broccoli ended up in the mix.

Those healthy green trees were the only thing Lack ate from the plate.

“Green keeps you lean,” he laughed, crunching the broccoli.

The only thing Lack was truly hungry for was a shot at proving his worth in the NHL.

Fast-forward to today and he’s doing just that.

When Ryan Miller went down, the Canucks playoff hopes didn’t go with him thanks to steady Eddie, who will start his sixth straight game and 21st in the last 22 games tonight in Chicago.

A win against the Blackhawks would give Lack 17 this season, a new career-high – not bad for a guy questioning everything just 773 days ago.

“I was pretty low then,” said Lack, reminiscing. “Things have changed for the better.”

Lack isn’t about to forget how far he’s come and Blackhawks fans are always there to remind him as well.

The @VanCanucks feed was especially chirpy with Lack behind the wheel two years ago; he took some jabs at the Blackhawks in true Lack style and with the internet being the internet, his words resurface again and again to this day.

“They took screen shots and I get them sent to me all the time,” laughed Lack. “I guess that means I did a great job!”


And he still is.

“I had popcorn that game too, not just the veggies. Can’t be in the press box and not have popcorn!”



Thanks for reading, I’ll check in tomorrow from Winnipeg. It’s snowing there, surprise, surprise!

Derek Jory (@NoJoryous)

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