Simple Things

The Simple Things

Have you ever been to four cities in four days?

It’s a trip.

Sunday we woke up in Vancouver. Monday, St. Louis. Tuesday it was Nashville. This morning it was Chicago.

I’ve never felt more like Keith Richards – but replace all the partying with hockey.

Yes the blur is setting in as we reach the midway point of the four-game road trip, but it’s a glorious fuzziness with the Canucks winning another massive game last night in Nashville.

What was on the agenda today, you ask?

Next to nothing.

Although April 1st is all about jokes and gags, there was sadness to be found this morning as Gary Dahl, the inventor of the pet rock, died. The 78-year-old marketing genius sold rocks as pets for a few months in 1975 and he made millions of dollars from it; dubbed “one of the most ridiculously successful marketing schemes ever,” pet rocks were rocks, nothing more and nothing less.

Today the Canucks took a page from Dahl’s book and kept it simple.

A day off in Chicago is overwhelming because there’s just so much you can do. Navy Pier. Willis Tower. Hancock Center. Art Institute of Chicago. Solider Field. That silver big bean thing. The options are limitless.

Like a vegetarian in a steakhouse, the players limited their options.

Now that the calendar has changed and the NHL regular season concludes in 10 days, it’s time to refocus on what needs to happen. The Canucks need another win or two to get an X beside their name in the standings and after that happens, they fight for home ice advantage.

Then the real fun begins.

So on a day like today, in a city like this, the mission was simple: take it easy.

Most of the guys slept in, then some headed to the rink for treatments, while others leisurely explored the city on foot, stopping for a nice lunch before maybe doing a little shopping, having dinner and shutting it down in preparation for a game in the Madhouse Thursday against the Blackhawks.

Shawn Matthias and Ryan Stanton were the wild ones in the group venturing to 360 Chicago to check out the views from 1,000 feet above Lake Michigan.

Still, one and done.

Keeping it simple is boring, sure, but even Keith Richards has his down days, right?

No? Oh.

Well forget Richards, it’s all about simple in the name of Gary Dahl.

As for me, I enjoyed the sun exploring Chicago. Simple.

What a trip.

Derek Jory (@NoJoryous)

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