From prospects to pros

No rest for the wicked. Myself, cameraman Rory, camerawoman Jessica and producer Jason hit the road Saturday en route to Windsor, Ontario, our first stop of Hometown Visits 2014.

We’ll be with Zack Kassian Sunday and Monday before booting it to Toronto for an afternoon with Frankie Corrado, a day with Shawn Matthias and an afternoon with Brad Richardson.

If you recall anything from our adventures with Maxim Lapierre, Cory Schneider, Steve Pinizzotto and Chris Tanev from two years ago, it’s likely that these visits are a lot of fun and we really get to drill down into what makes each player tick as people.

As always we’re here for you, wondrous Canucks fans, so if you have any storyline suggestions, ideas, questions, tips, tricks, recommendations or simply want to compliment the mean selfie we took after leaving the Toronto airport this morning, comment below.

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