Feelin’ Philly

What’s Philadelphia like?

Good question.

In a word: muggy. Not “gimme your wallet or I’ll cut you” muggy, more “I’ve been outside 38 seconds and I’m sweating like I just ran a marathon” muggy.

So far I don’t have anything but good things to say about Philly, besides the whole looking like I just went swimming thing. Last night Rory, Jessica and myself took in the Phillies game and this morning us three and Joey trekked over to the Rocky stairs and statue.

Rory and I went to Jim’s cheesesteaks for cheesesteaks, glorious cheesesteaks, and the afternoon was filled with top prospect media availability. And now here I am, back in my hotel room writing about it. Funny how that works.

Not much to report other than that, unfortunately. Everything has been very low key in anticipation of the draft, which kicks off tomorrow night. Everyone from the Canucks camp is in good spirits and I get the feeling literally anything could happen with Vancouver’s pick. Move up, down, sideways – it’s all on the table at this point.

The prospects themselves are as thrilled as can be, not that they revealed much during media availability. Twelve players spoke to the media during the 30-minute session and the biggest scoop coming out of it might be that Sam Reinhart didn’t have laces in his shoes.

At one point Aaron Ekblad told reporters the key to a good interview is to make reporters think they have a scoop.


The young guns have clearly been put through some intense media training by the league, which is a drag because they all sounded like robots. You’ll be shocked to know the prospects are very excited for the draft, they don’t care who they are selected by, they’re just happy to be drafted, and yes sleeping tonight will be difficult.

I’m yawning after typing that, you’re probably asleep from reading it.

The calm before the storm was extra calm today (as you can see from the lack of pizzazz on my face in the above photo), meaning tomorrow night will be bonkers. I have a strong feeling that by Sunday, the Vancouver Canucks will be viewed as a totally different team – not that we’ve ever made a splash on draft day before. Wait…

One more thing before we part ways, I have an idea to run past you, one inspired by the Phillies game. You know how in baseball the batters have walk-up music as they approach the plate to bat? It’s awesome because it gives the game some atmosphere, builds anticipation and gives some insight into each player’s musical taste.

I propose we bring it to hockey. Going into the season every player picks a 10-second chunk of a song as theirs and it’s played prior to a penalty shot or shootout shot. I feel like this idea has legs, so be gentle if you think it’s awful.

Yours in reinventing the wheel,