Draft travel curse

“Sorry, your flight has been cancelled,” said the straight-faced elderly woman I mistook for a man moments earlier. “You’ll leave Chicago at 9 p.m. now.”

Okay… 3+5, carry the 1, time change is 2 hours, “sooooo we’ll get to Philadelphia around tomorrow-ish?” I asked.

She didn’t laugh.

Neither did Rory or I.

The 2014 NHL Draft is the end goal, but similar to our amazing journey getting to the 2013 NHL Draft in New York, this trip didn’t disappoint.

Rory and I left Vancouver at 7:30 a.m. Tuesday morning en route to Chicago, where a two-hour layover awaited us before a 4:30 p.m. flight to Philadelphia. We were to arrive in the City of Brotherly Love around 8 p.m. giving us time to eat and rest up for a busy Wednesday.

Instead we had a nearly 10-hour delay in Chicago, didn’t get in to Philly until 2 a.m., putting us at the hotel at 3:30 a.m. Nothing like starting the 2014 Draft off with a 22-and-a-half hour day!

During our layover we explored, made friends and took weird photos because, well, what else do you do on a layover that long?

I hope your Tuesday was slightly more organized, you were slightly more productive with your time and you ate slightly better than we did.

I had some time to think during the mother of all layovers and I’ve determined traveling could be a lot like being in prison. Go through security, get into a seat, sit down, buckle in, awkward conversation with strangers, here’s some water, maybe pretzels, arrive, single-file deplane, then a delay out of your control and you’re stuck in a terminal that, similar to Hotel California, you can check out of, but you can never really leave.

Oh, did I mention I’m watching season two of Orange is the New Black and binge-watched a lot of the day away as well?

Non-spoiler thoughts after five episodes: I’m not a fan of the talkative newbie who bunks above Piper, Christopher is dealing with a real something something and I do not like Vee. And I have a soft spot for Red. Plus Jason Biggs should be with that woman with the baby – who is she anyways? (married to Piper’s brother I think?) – shame. Loved the old lady tell them how lovely they looked together though.

No sign of Alex Vause in Chicago, by the way.

Anyways, it’s now tomorrow and we’re in Philadelphia. We’re going to talk with Trevor Linden and Jim Benning this morning before tracking down the prospects media tour, which stops for cheesecake and hits Phillies batting practice – the things we do, all in the name of bringing you the best draft coverage possible.

Have you ever been to Philly? Where should we eat and what sights are worth seeing? Who do you hope the Canucks draft Friday? How are Daya and guard John going to figure out this baby thing? Do you like my shoes?

I need more sleep.