Alpha Dogs

By Derek Jory

The dog days of summer are already here.

Daniel and Henrik Sedin took part in a special photoshoot earlier this week posing alongside Vancouver Police Department dogs Blade and Bosco, twin eight-year-old German Shepherds, and their handlers officers Ryan Visser and Bruce Rhode.

The shoot was in support of the 2015 Vancouver Police Dog Squad calendar; the annual calendar features canine members of the VPD Dog Squad and is sold in support of the Candy Anfield Memorial Foundation.

From photography to design and marketing, volunteers do the work on these calendars and proceeds go to the BC Cancer Foundation and BC Children’s Hospital.

The Sedins admitted that despite being cat people growing up, helping out with the shoot was an honour, especially for Henrik who recently added a dog to the family.

Three weeks ago Henrik and his wife Johanna welcomed a Golden Retriever named Bristol, a BC Guide dog, into their home. The family also has a dog back in Sweden, Elsa, a Labrador Retriever, who lives with Johanna’s mom.

As you can see from the video and photos below, both Sedins are as comfortable around animals as Ace Ventura. The dogs weren’t so comfortable on ice, but in their defence, frozen water is slippery AND cold.

-Photos by Devin Manky

How could I forget Maverick (below). The pup is new to the scene and is training to be on the force. What a cutie.