The Ketchupaholic

So far this trip Fort Nucks has been firing on all cylinders with groundbreaking topics like David Booth’s dreams, the Canucks hailing taxis after their bus broke down, Jason Garrison being a beauty and all things Roberto Luongo.

It’s time to turn things up a notch with the mother of all blogs: Zack Kassian’s love of ketchup.

Last summer the Canucks video team put together a King of the Rink asking Jordan Schroeder, Keith Ballard and Steve Pinizzotto five questions each to see who knew Kassian best.

For two of the questions, What’s his favourite snack food and If he were stranded on a desert island, what’s the one thing he couldn’t live without, Pinizzotto answered “ketchup.”

He wasn’t kidding.

“This guy loves ketchup, it’s ridiculous,” commented Pinner. “Give him a bottle of ketchup and it’s gone in three days.”

As I found out in Washington last week, this is all true.

The bus broke down, as you may have seen on CNN, and walking to hail a cab I remembered what Pinizzotto had said, and also a tweet Kassian had sent out on Christmas Day 2013 of a glass plate with Merry Christmas 2013 on it written in ketchup. The hashtag: #lifewouldntbethesamewithoutketchup

It’s incredible the ketchup made it to the plate and the 23-year-old didn’t just squirt it into his mouth.

“I love the stuff, I can’t get enough,” he laughed. “I guess it started as a kid, I mean what kid doesn’t love ketchup and put it on everything.”

Kass never fell out of love with the condiment, which dates back to 300 BC is one variety of another. He puts it on anything. Think of a meal and it’s better to Kassian slathered with red goodness. He’s been known to go through a bottle a week.

“I put it on everything. I was in an expensive steakhouse once actually and the cook came out and yelled at me because I was using so much of it. We argued about it. Come on guy, my steak, my choice, right?”

You said it.

There have been quite a few varieties of ketchup over the years, including chili, fiery chili, no salt, reduced sugar, organic, hot & spicy, balsamic vinegar & basil and cherry tomato, to name a few. There was even an attempt to change ketchup’s colour at one point. All this is a no-go for Kassian.

“Ketchup is red, not green or purple, there might have even been blue at one point. Just give me regular original ketchup – and lots of it!”

Next time Kassian is involved in an altercation on the ice and he appears to be bleeding, look closely. For all we know, he may carry ketchup packets with him incase of emergency, and what appears to be blood is in fact his favourite snack food.


Tuesday is a travel day as we head back to Vancouver, so we’ll chat later this week. Hope you enjoyed all the hard-hitting stories this trip! Thanks for reading.


P.S. – Irish you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!