Dream on

Alex Burrows had heard it before.

“Burr, I’ve got a good feeling about tonight,” teammates would say. “Burr, tonight’s the night;” Burr this, Burr that.

David Booth was a little more specific.

Post-game Wednesday following the Vancouver Canucks 3-2 shootout win over the Winnipeg Jets, I was standing in the Canucks hallway when Booth walked up and stopped in front of me, laughing.

“I had a dream last night Burr was going to score two goals in this game,” Booth chuckled.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight, okay.

“No, seriously. It was freaky. I didn’t want to tell Burr and possibly jinx it, but I told him pre-game and look how that turned out.”

Burrows, marred in a streak of 36 regular season games without a goal, hadn’t scored yet this season, but he never let it get to him. He kept with the process and worked hard knowing that eventually lady luck would smile his way.

Instead Booth’s dream helped get the job done?

“I thought Boother was crazy when he told me that,” Burrows joked before Air Canucks took off for Washington Thursday morning.

“A lot of guys had been telling me stuff like that for the last 20 games or whatever. Weird that he said two goals and then it was two, man it could have been four the way I was feeling last night, but I’m not putting too much into it. Booth’s a funny guy.”

Booth didn’t assist on either of Burrows’ first two goals of the season against the Jets, or did he?

“I’d say that counts,” laughed Booth.

“I’m not sure about that,” countered forward Zac Dalpe. “I had a dream about a month ago that Burr scored and told him all about it too and then he didn’t. It was just luck, Booth got lucky.”

Did he?

Booth is a dreamer and has been since he was a child. Young Booth dreamt of someday being able to fly and he now has his pilot’s license.

Different, sure, but dreams clearly do come true.

“How about you dream I win the lottery…” I suggested to Booth.

“Funny, Sestito said the same thing!”

It’s time big Tom and I started playing the lotto.


That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. From the clouds above Manitoba’s frozen tundra, hope today’s Fort Nucks made your Thursday a smidgen better.