That’s it, back to Winnipeg

Forty-one days ago the Vancouver Canucks and I hit the road to start a five-game road trip beginning in Winnipeg.

January hadn’t been kind to the Canucks, who were 4-8-2 going into their first game in Winnipeg in 700 years or something. It was exciting times, colder than a polar bear’s toenails, but exciting nonetheless; players bright-eyed and bushy tailed returning to where they cut their teeth, the MTS Centre all shiny and whatnot, Portage & Main nice and windy and snow, snow, snow.

The Canucks were handed a big fat loss that night and four more on the trip that felt more like a traveling funeral than anything else, and since losing to Winnipeg 4-3, Vancouver has two wins and five points in 11 games.

Every shares the blame for what’s going on with the team right now and that includes you, Winnipeg.

Friendly Manitoba my rump.

No more mister nice guy this time around. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Time to be shameless. The Canucks need points like Frank needs a liver, there’s no room left for error so every shift counts.

Maybe I should be the one giving the team its pre-game pep talk? Yes, I really channeled by inner Al Pacino from Any Given Sunday there, I agree.

No? Whatever.

I’ll just stick to bringing you behind the scenes and you guessed it from the bromance photo above, team photographer Jeff Vinnick is on this trip and so is Behind the Lens. Expect six to eight galleries of goodness and of course we take requests. Tweet us @VanCanucks and use #behindthelens, we’ll do our best to fulfill a few of them.

We visit Winnipeg, Washington, Florida and Tampa Bay on this trip, if you know any of these cities well and have recommendations on what to do or where to eat, lemme know.

Talk from Winnipeg.