No lipstick please

There’s not much to say right now.

(I considered the above sentence being the entire blog entry, but I guess I’ll elaborate).

Being on the road with the Vancouver Canucks during a five-game losing streak is a hair more fun than being an actual member of the team during a dry spell like this.

Losing wears on you. There’s something about walking into opposing rinks with your head held high and leaving looking at the floor that just plain sucks.

The guys battled hard last night in Boston and hard the night before in Detroit. Both games were losses and with two games remaining on this trip, there’s only four points left to grab.

What now?

Well, we could take a look at the standings and freak out that Vancouver is only one point ahead of Phoenix and two in front of Dallas and Winnipeg for the final wild card playoff spot.

We could do some number crunching and see the Canucks are minus-nine in terms of goals for and against this season and have scored only 32 goals in 17 games in 2014 – Year of the Blarg, for oh so many reasons.

We could focus on that only four of the last 17 games have ended without your remote being chucked across the room. Or that injuries have taken a toll on this team. Or that our superstars aren’t playing like it.

OR we could keep calm and carry on.

Things aren’t pretty right now, so I’m not about to be a cheerleader and attempt to put lipstick on a pig. But hear me out.

Vancouver had won the Northwest Division for five straight years, six of seven years and in seven of the last nine seasons. Now the Northwest is no more – good riddance.

Getting into the playoffs has never been an issue, it’s been a cakewalk actually. We looted Calgary, Edmonton, Minnesota and Colorado of countless points, enough to win back-to-back Presidents’ Trophies.

Now we’re in a whole new world and with 24 games remaining this season, a whole new fight. So it’s time to fight. It’s time to get sweaty. It’s time to get real and see what we’re made of.

The Canucks have been knocked out the playoffs the last two seasons by that scrappy team that had to dig deep and fight its way into the dance. They then knocked us off, the top dog. One of those teams, They-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, even won the Stanley Cup.

To get where you want to go, you’ve got to do what you’ve never done.

Let’s be the underdogs. Let’s be quarrelsome. Let’s get into the playoffs by a whisker and carry that win-or-go-home mentality as far as we can. The Canucks have one playoff win in two seasons, what’s the worst that could happen taking a new approach?

The bar has been raised, I get it, the fan inside me nearly tossed his laptop onto the ice in Detroit. Our expectations are the same in the end though: win the Stanley Cup. The road there clearly isn’t paved for the Canucks, so buckle up, there are more potholes ahead, but who knows where this new path leads.

There’s nowhere to go but up.

It has to start somewhere. It has to start sometime. What better place than here. What better time than now.


P.S. - As annoying as it can be, my optimism is here to stay. Sorry!