Potty humour

Where am I?

Thursday we were in Ottawa, Friday in New York, Saturday in Carolina and Sunday in Nashville. Four cities in four nights and the rough math of that is four cities in 56 hours.

Things have settled down a bit since we arrived in the Music City; Monday was a day off, thankfully, and now it’s game day as the Canucks face the Predators tonight.

We’ve been away from Vancouver since last Tuesday, so it’s only natural that by this point everything is blurry and nothing really makes sense, as was the case last night when I went exploring the city.

After doing some shopping, I returned to the hotel and hit the little boy’s room in the lobby to tinkle. Moments after I walked in, two women and a man walked in and they started taking pictures of the restroom. Not sure what the look on my face was, I was bewildered to say the least. I zipped up, washed my hands (of course with soap) and said hello as awkwardly as possible before leaving.

What is going on?

“Why is Nashville one of your favourite cities?” the Leadership 11 class at Windermere Secondary in Vancouver asked me a few weeks ago.

“Many reasons,” I answered laughing, including that the hotel we stay at is a one-of-a-kind original featuring America’s best restroom, a member of America’s Best Restroom Hall of Fame (that’s actually a thing).

Silly me, how could I forget.

The sign outside the men’s room reads as follows: By popular request, men and women alike in the Nashville area have asked that we preserve this men’s room and restore it back to its original art deco luster. Remodeled and reconfigured in the 1930’s, this room has been the site of several music videos and numerous legislative deals. The color scheme has encouraged as many women as men to steal a look inside.

As you can see from the photo above, this restroom has it all. The first thing you notice is the colour scheme of gleaming lime green and black leaded glass tiles, then there’s the lime green fixtures and a terrazzo floor. There’s a shoeshine station and a Sultan phone and all the usual washroom stuff as well, four stalls, three urinals, four sinks and big mirrors.

On top of being used in popular culture, people take wedding photos here and, as I found out, come to sneak a peek regardless of who’s inside.

My bucket list features many things and while peeing in America’s best restroom was never on it, I’m pleased to have achieved the task – even with all the awkwardness.

There are two things I’d like you to take from this story: 1 – Never underestimate the awesomeness of a solid vintage restroom; 2 – There isn’t much to blog about on the road when the schedule had the Canucks play back-to-back games before having a day off and playing a day later.

No Canucks means no Canucks talk, good thing I drank too much water and had a restroom experience to share.


P.S. - Thank you for supporting my writing, I’ve never been more comfortable being so wonderfully weird.