Top 20 moments

Nearly three weeks have passed since the Vancouver Canucks were rudely bounced from the NHL playoffs by the San Jose Sharks. If time supposedly heals all wounds, enough time has not passed because the shark bite I suffered is a festering mess; it’s oozing some kind of lime green puss and is definitely infected.

I haven’t watched a wink of the playoffs since May 7th and I don’t plan on tuning in until the Canucks are back on the ice this fall, which will be here before we know it.

Until then, I plan on exploring nature with my family, catching up on a lot of reading, testing out my jump shot, baking, surviving Tough Mudder, reconnecting with friends, looking up at the stars, watching Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake bring down BC Place, passing Kathy Anderson in number of Twitter followers (@NoJoryous!!!), preparing for fantasy football season and working on a new karaoke go-to song (I’m told singing the Ken part of Barbie Girl by Aqua isn’t cool anymore…).

Before all that, we’ve got a list to come up with and I know how much you love lists. Last year I reached out to you, beloved Canucks fans the world over, to help compile a list of the Top 20 Canucks Plays of the Year. Anyone whose suggestion was used was entered to win a team signed Canucks stick; that format worked so well, I say we do it again.

The floor is yours: comment below with what you think belongs in the Top 20 Canucks Plays of the Year.

Oh and if anyone can suggest a new karaoke song for me, I’m all ears!