It always amazes me when a wacky idea works out.

As I wrote a few days ago in the feature Dear Photograph, I’m a huge fan of the website Dear Photograph, where people take a picture of a picture, from the past, in the present. It’s simple, yet sophisticated - like me, no one would say.

To make a long blog short, I exchanged a few emails with Taylor Jones, Founder & Chief Memory Curator for, and, despite being a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, he loved our Dear Photograph tribute.

He and I are both interested to see what Canucks fans produce in the #DearCanucks contest; for anyone new, we’re asking for you to put the Dear Photograph formula to work on your own pictures. Find a Canucks themed shot from the past and shoot it in the present, then tweet it or post it on Instagram using the hashtag #DearCanucks.

Taylor, along with Dear Photograph book publisher Harper Collins Canada Ltd, have offered up three copies of the hardcover book Dear Photograph as prizes for #DearCanucks entries. Submit yours today and I’ll post them here on Fort Nucks and they’ll be featured in a gallery on

Happy photographing!