Trying to make sense of it all

You reach a certain point on a lengthy road trip, such as the one the Canucks are on right now, where things stop making sense.

Up is down, left is right, blue is yellow, Ke$ha’s music sounds amazing and The Big Bang Theory tickles your funny bone.

You start to ponder things like why are pizza boxes square, pizzas round and pizza slices triangular? Why do dragonflies have legs, but they can’t walk? Why do I eat chips like a human in public, and like a savage, starved looney toon alone?

Don’t even get me started on the Internet. What is it? Where is it? How does it work? Think about that too much for too long and you’ll go all primal like Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson in Zoolander.

I passed the point of no return early Tuesday morning when I woke up and couldn’t remember what day it was, what city we’re in or what my room number was. It’s a little like being kidnapped, except without the terror and ransom and Liam Neeson and all that. The helplessness and confusion is truly bizarre and it’ll only get worse Wednesday.

We woke up in Nashville Monday, St. Louis Tuesday and Wednesday it’ll be rise and shine in Dallas. Time travel is trippy; I’ve learned to just enjoy the ride. Be at the team bus 15 minutes early, eat when there’s food and smile – life’s too short to let the grind get you down.

There are plenty of people void of smiles today after what went down Monday at the Boston Marathon and my thoughts are with everyone affected by this senseless violence. The more details that surface, the sicker I get, especially being a father myself, knowing that a young boy was taken from us moments after hugging his dad at the finish line.

Sports always take a backseat when tragedy strikes, and for good reason. Sports are here to take our minds off the mundane, fill us with hope, joy and surprise and simply give us an outlet for the passion we are all filled with.

A tragedy like this puts everything in perspective and that’s important, especially come playoff time.

The Canucks and Blues faceoff tonight in St. Louis and it’s a potential post-season matchup; emotions will be running high with both teams in search of two points, but it’s not life or death, we’ll fly to Dallas post-game regardless of result and St. Louis will wait the arrival of Phoenix.

To all those feeling the affects of Monday’s violence, hopefully sports will act as a return to normalcy, as impossible as that will ever be again.

Vancouver’s roster features Massachusetts native Cory Schneider, a product of Marblehead, who has likely taken this to heart more than anyone else on the team. Look for him to play with a little more gusto tonight in memory of the deceased and all those impacted.


P.S. – Hug someone you love. I’ll be giving out some big ones when I get home. I miss you.