Music City men

It’s time for me to come clean: I love Nashville.

The Music City is among my favourite to visit for many reasons and that was before I actually got the chance to really do some exploring, which I did Sunday.

After practice I was wandering around the main strip downtown looking for a good place to eat when I ran into Kevin Bieksa and Cory Schneider. They were also on a hunt for grub, so the three amigos went on an adventure.

Nashville is a lot like Las Vegas (they actually call it Nash Vegas) in that every restaurant boasts having THE GREATEST ___________________ EVER. We ended up at the Paradise Park Trailer Resort, which was actually a burger joint and not a resort at all, thankfully. And, although I was hungry enough that the tongue of an old shoe might have been tasty, I can honestly say I had one of the best burgers ever. The tater tots on the side we’re pretty scrumptious as well, I even put some in my pocket for later on – GOSH!

We walked back to the hotel afterward and I was in my room cutting Monday’s Behind the Lens all afternoon. Then I looked outside. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun was shining a brilliant shine. I was swift to close my laptop and bolt out the door.

Live music is everywhere along the main strip making for a very lively atmosphere. Most people are here for a good time, not a long time, so there are characters everywhere; I stuck to myself mostly, had some fantastic ice cream and just soaked it all in.


Yes, yes I was.

The Canucks were not.

Nearly every member of the team was hankered down in front of a TV somewhere; Keith Ballard stayed in his room at the hotel and said he didn’t move for roughly six hours, he enjoys watching golf in peace and quiet.

Ryan Kesler, Roberto Luongo, Jason Garrison, Alex Burrows and Bieksa wanted the opposite, so they all gathered at a restaurant downtown, a restaurant that shall go unnamed - you’ll understand why in a second.

The boys had been there most of the afternoon taking in the action and when it came down to Adam Scott and Angel Cabrera in a playoff hole, tensions were high, according to Bieksa.

Then, with Cabrera lining up to putt, the TVs went black. All of them. Throughout the entire restaurant.

Not panicking, the guys turned to their phones for updates and knew within minutes Scott had won to become the first-ever Australian Masters winner.

Bieksa said they laughed off the timing of the blackout, but they were the only ones that did.

“The older gentlemen watching were pretty angry,” laughed Bieksa. “So we told them who won and they kept questioning how we knew that. I told them you can get updates on your phones these days. Still, there was one guy who did not believe us. ‘Scott won? Scott won? How did that happen??’ It was hilarious.”

After that it was a quiet night across the board in preparation for the Nashville Predators this evening. Expect to see a different Canucks team out there tonight.


P.S. - Our bucket list is getting long, but add Nashville!