Here we go again.

It feels like just yesterday I was blogging from the road with the Vancouver Canucks and somehow I’m miraculously back with the boys again as we jetset out on a five-game trek beginning in Calgary.

Fort Nucks, as I hope you know by now, is your one-stop-shop for everything behind the scenes Canucks when I’m on the road, but I have to apologize for my lack of bloggage whilst at home. That will change come playoff time, then it’s 24/7 Fort Nucks – you’ll be all like “nooooo, no more I can’t handle any more incredible photos and stories” and I’ll be like “ohhhhh ya, here’s another and another and another… muah ha ha ha” (that’s my evil laugh).

Back to the main event.

Not much to report right this second, we just took off from Vancouver and it’s too bright to look out the window. For a second I considered putting on sunglasses, buuuuut I have to be aware of Kevin Bieksa, the phone on his camera and his ability to humiliate me on Twitter. I can’t make it that easy for him. I actually got off lucky last road trip, he had a picture of me ready to tweet, but didn’t pull the trigger. Maybe we’re BFFs after all?!?

Oddly enough I’ve never seen or covered a game in Calgary, so I’m excited to jump a province over and enter Flames Territory. That and three of my really good buddies live in Cowtown, so, if it’s alright with you, I may meet up with them for root beer floats tonight.

This is a great trip in terms of cities: Calgary, Colorado, Nashville, St. Louis and Dallas; I’ve visited them all at least once before, but I’m always open to exploring new areas and trying new things. For those familiar with these cities, if you could recommend I do or see or try one thing in each place, what would it be?

And just like that my introductory road trip blog is complete, time for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and Game of Thrones.


P.S. - Jeff Vinnick is on this trip as well and we’ll be collaborating on some Behind the Lens galleries. I know, I know, include as much Dan Hamhuis as possible. I’ll try.