Blame Jory

And now we’re in Detroit.

Actually, that’s a lie. We’re halfway to Detroit from Nashville. It’s Saturday at 11:42 a.m. CST as I type this, we’re about to lose another hour heading into the Eastern time zone. Then we’ll reclaim three hours Sunday when we fly home post-game. Time travel is crazy. I feel like Marty McFly.

Another day, another win for the Canucks Friday. The game against the Predators was a snoregasbord (just made that up - I’m smarter above the clouds), but the boys pulled it out and now have five of a possible six points heading into the final game of this road trip.

Game days are truly a different beast. The guys are in the zone, so I don’t speak unless spoken to for the most part, heck I don’t even make eye contact in fear of throwing them off their game. I dread the day the Canucks drop like a 9-0 game and afterwards they ask Henrik Sedin what happened.

"Jory. Blame Jory."

To prevent that, I’m a fly on the wall. Out of sight, out of mind. But with everything being so serious, I don’t get much colour to blog about. And here we are. Not much colour to blog about.

I did get insight into coach Alain Vigneault yesterday afternoon though. In an attempt to rid of myself of the muffin top I rock like wolf on my noggin, I put on some short pants and a long sleeve shirt with short sleeves and discovered this mysterious place called a gym. It was like Narnia.

Running machines, oversized bouncy balls and free weights that aren’t actually free at all. You pick them up and then put them down. And repeat. Anyways, the only other person in this land of sweat and grunts was coach V, who was on an elliptical, doing his thing while watching a little CNN.

I’ve always had mad respect for coach V. And from what I hear from the players, he’s a phenomenal coach. I was really impressed that he was leading by example and sweating one out pre-game. Says a lot about his leadership to me. Love it.

Then assistant coach Newell Brown came in for a workout. Then assistant general manager Lorne Henning. Then I had a flashback to the old Sesame Street segment One of these things is not like the others, which one is different, do you know, can you tell which thing is not like the others, I’ll tell you if it is so.

If you guessed the writer whining uncontrollably while curling 7 pound weights, you’re correct!!!

Your prize is my humiliation. Enjoy.

And, just like that, I’m at the hotel in Detroit. It’s lil’ chilly out, so I’ll likely keep to myself this evening, hopefully catch some Kings of Queens or something. No players in the building right now, they all took off to Chez Kesler for the afternoon.

My invite must have gotten lost in wherever invites that aren’t sent go to!


P.S. - If you can guess what artist I’m listening to in the photo above, you win some karma…crazy bonus karma if you can name the song.