What a monster win that was last night in Dallas. The Canucks have three of a possible four points so far and we’re now in Nashville hunting for more tonight.

How did we get to Nashville so quickly? Time travel, no biggie.

Having to fly post-game is truly one of the most unique aspects of traveling with the team. It’s hurry up and wait at its finest. Game ends, players do media, change and go through security before getting on a bus headed to the airport, before getting on a plane headed to the next city. Same for the rest of the staff.

It’s all a blur. Cities blend together, if you’ve kept a room key from a past hotel you’re doomed to get mixed up and really, by this point in the trip, you have no idea what day it is or where you are.

We got to the hotel in Nashville around 2 a.m. and I couldn’t help but chuckle when the doorman said “good morning!” - I was all like c’mon man, I look like a walker, do you think I’ve slept yet?

Then it was the ol’ elevator crunch where 50 exhausted people just want to get to bed and there are only two creaky elevators and no one is crazy enough to take the stairs eight floors.

Note - If you’re not an actual player, you wait until the end. The very end. The sun was almost up. First. World. Problems. The trainers have it the worst. If I ever man up, I’ll follow them for a night. Their work never ends.

Once in my room it’s time to check and make sure everything is tickety-boo. Last night it was, but I made the grave mistake of turning the TV on. NOTHING GOOD CAN COME OF TURNING THE TV ON AT 2 A.M.!!!! First up, Fraser. Martin Crane accidentally ate the pot brownie Roz had left for Niles and that led to a world of hilarity (NOT), then on The King of Queens, oh you’re going to laugh, Carrie was wearing her hair in a bun and Doug didn’t like it!!! LOL x 1,000 - I KNOW!!!


Moving on.

Do you eat at 2 a.m. if you’re hungry? I feel like no, but my grumbly tumbly was yelling at me. I shut it up with some Twix, they’re basically celery sticks.

When the website is good and the belly is full and the non-stop laughter of late night TV ends, it’s finally time to sleep. Last night that was easier said than done when I realized that since I left Vancouver, my loved ones back home have gone to bed earlier and gotten up later than me every single day. So much for some R&R on the road.

Then I started thinking about how if I ever started a band, I’d name it Free Beer. We would sell out every show ever. Then I planned out Friday morning and realized I could kill two birds with one stone on something I’m working on, then had a chuckle thinking about someone at PETA using that saying in a meeting.

It was good times at 3 a.m. in Nashville, let me tell you!

That’s about all the news I’ve got for you. It’s 2:20 p.m. and I’m in my hotel room having just mangled a sub, my third of the trip, with game time in less than five hours. I’ll likely spend that time trying to figure out how to get past security at the arena to meet Taylor Swift, she’s rehearsing crazy close to the Canucks dressing room.

Taylor, I know you said we are never ever ever ever getting back together, but you haven’t seen me since I got a haircut! I’ve been mistaken for an actual NHLer twice - once was me looking in the mirror and the other was Malia who cut it complimenting her own work, but it allll counts!


P.S. - 11 days…