Guess who’s perdy again!

Believe it or not, but I’ve been asked quite a few times if I got a haircut yet since mentioning that I needed one yesterday. Apparently my bird’s nest was worse than I thought!

The answer will sadden Kevin Bieksa and his hedge trimmers - I got it cut!

No more wearing Mason Raymond’s helmet to cover my hair now, I’m back to looking human-ish.

Big shoutout to Malia from Salon Twenty Two in Dallas. She took good care of me, didn’t cut either ear, annnnnnnd I got a wicked sandwich nextdoor. Everything is coming up Milhouse today!

Next on the list is apparently getting a new jacket. I’ve been told by my wonderful fashionistas back in Vancouver that I’ve been photographed too much in the ol’ gray beauty. And here I thought I was on a hockey road trip not some kind of style-update-get-a-haircut-get-a-new-jacket-make-me-change-my-face-next-probably-go-to-the-gym-while-you’re-at-it trip…

Big game tonight. Talk soon.


P.S. - When I was buzzing my hair I picked up the nickname Jarhead, as in I looked like Jake Gyllenhaal from the movie Jarhead. It stuck with Mason and he calls me Jarhead to this day.