Learning to fly

"What does he even do on the road?" - Alain Vigneault, would probably say…

"He eats way too much and he sat in my seat once…" - Henrik Sedin, definitely thinks…

"Jory, stop dressing like me - wait, is that my shirt?" - Kevin Bieksa, was bang on…

The reviews are in and because of Derek Jory’s enormous popularity traveling with the Vancouver Canucks, he’s onboard Air Canucks as you read this, en route to Chicago.

That’s right, someone 35,000 feet above you is working much less harder than you and probably eating sushi while doing so.

Just wanted to update everyone quickly that I, Derek Brennan Wayne Batman Jory, somehow convinced the Canucks decision makers to not only send me, but also photographer Jeff Vinnick, on a four-game in six nights road trip to Chicago, Dallas, Nashville and Detroit.

We took off this morning from Vancouver for Chicago and while you may think that not much happens during a lengthy flight to the Windy City, I’ll have a blog update and of course, a Behind the Lens gallery, for you as soon as humanly possible after we get to the team hotel.

Stay tuned to @VanCanucks as well, we’ll be tweeting goodness all trip.

As always, I’m just a fan who got some lucky breaks and is in a position to bring you behind the scenes with the Canucks. If you ever have any requests, story ideas or just want to say hello, always feel free to comment, tweet us, Facebook us or send me a messenger pigeon.

Talk from Chicago,


P.S. - No, I miss you more.