Just when I thought my head couldn’t get any bigger, Chloe made it smaller and stickier and now it’s bigger than ever.

Chloe, aka @penciltest, is an art student with a fondness for a Sami Salo slapshot who runs a few great blogs including; it’s all a collection of incredible, adorable, original art and, as a fan of the Vancouver Canucks, she arts her favourite players as well.

Remember those amazing Canucks tree ornaments from a few years ago? ( Ya, that was her. She’s got mad skills and her latest endeavor is more pure solid gold.

Chloe recently took on stickers and did 22 Canucks, the Green Men and Sami Salo (Forever a Canuck) printed on 8.5” x 11” sheets. We posted a link to it on earlier this week. Killer stuff.

Then I looked a little closer and realized there was a player I didn’t recognize AND RIGHTFULLY SO! That ain’t no player, it’s me! Top row in the photo above, I’m second from the left between Zack Kassian and David Booth! A limited edition bonus sticker was recently added to the collection of yours truly, clean shaven - and she even got my new hair right!!!

I have decided that I will no longer be signing my name on contracts or cheques, I’m just going to carry around a roll of Derek stickers and use them when needed.

I never thought I could be so stoked to become a sticker. But alas, here we are. The only question I have now is if Chloe were to have made the stickers scratch and sniff, what would I smell like? A ripe ol’ mix of sweat, peaches, manliness, peanut butter & jelly and your grandparents’ basement, with a hint of freshly mowed grass, I reckon.

Thank you for the fantastic stickers Chloe!

And thank you even more for NOT making them scratch and sniff!

Click here for more info on how to order Canucks stickers – including me!


My head is back down to normal size. Apparently the sticker I thought was me, is not me, it’s some guy named Ryan Kesler. Sooooo for the time being, I’m back to being stickerless.

"I’ll add Become Sticker back to the list," said Derek’s bucket list.

Sad emoticon in 3…2…1… :(



Just got a sweet email from sticker queen Chloe, with the following photo:

My head is back to over sized, I’m a sticker! My hair is a tad lot longer right now, the ladies like it that way (and by ladies I mean my mom), but I’ve got some facial scruff, which I always have. Awesome.

Chloe, my order is on the way!