Vancouver’s 3-2 shootout win over Calgary Wednesday night was big for a number of reasons. It was the Canucks first win of the season. It was the end of a three-game homestand with a three-game road trip upcoming #momentum. And it was Zack Kassian’s coming out party.

KASS-TASTIC was the best headline I could come up with for post-game and even then, ZACK ATTACK came to mind and I just rolled with that. How lame, I know. Not since Saved By The Bell was on has the name Zack and word attack been so overused. AND IT’S ONLY THE THIRD GAME OF THE SEASON!

Fast-forward to me getting home Wednesday night. Trade the suit for sweatpants, microwave some leftovers and grab a drink. That drink, because of he who shall be named in a bit, ended up on my lap.

When I checked’s coverage of the Canucks game, the above headline is what I found. STRAIGHT KASS HOMIE. I read it once in confusion, twice in bewilderment, then took a sip and lost it! STRAIGHT KASS HOMIE - LIKE STRAIGHT CASH HOMIE, ONE OF THE GREATEST SPORTS QUOTES OF ALL TIME FROM NONE OTHER THAN MY MAN RANDY MOSS!

I emailed the NHL to give them props on the headline and was told it was the genius work of one Davis Harper, who I now consider a close, personal friend.

Writing headlines is incredibly difficult and Davis Harper pulled this off after 1 a.m. Eastern Time in New York. That’s today now, but it was tomorrow yesterday - the future. Whether you admire the headline as much as I do or not, rise from your seat, be it at your desk, the kitchen table or on the skytrain, and join me in as low clap.

Here’s to you Mr. Davis Harper.

Oh and good luck in the Super Bowl my Straight Cash Homie Randy Moss!