Hockey’s back!!!!!

I was in Whistler visiting friends last weekend when my phone began to go crazy.

Like Charlie Sheen crazy.

Like I had just Instagrammed a picture of peach pie crazy.

Like Keyser Söze didn’t actually exist in the Usual Suspects (what the what?!?) crazy.

Crazy, crazy.

I knew in a heartbeat exactly why my phone was blowing up, at 3 a.m. nonetheless: hockey’s back!!!!!

My first instinct was to run the seawall until a joyous orca jumped over me in celebration, then I remembered running is exercise and I was all like yaaaaa maybe not.

Whatever negative feelings I had about the lockout vanished as quickly as my New Year’s Resolution to be less awesome. Forget 113 days of boardrooms and mediators and negotiations and he said, he said and missing the greatest game on Earth; close your eyes, imagine the lights at Rogers Arena going down and picture your Vancouver Canucks skating onto the ice as they prepare to do battle.

Nothing else matters, hockey is back.

Fort Nucks is back.

Behind the Lens is back.

@CanucksGame is back.

I’m back writing, you’re back reading. I like this.

I’ve felt like a 3-year-old on Christmas morning since the announcement and this mix of excitement and anticipation likely won’t subside until the off-season – whenever that is.

First things, first: hockey’s back.

I missed you.