Pavel Bure Fan Club

I was a member of the Pavel Bure Fan Club when I was younger and there was no bigger thrill than getting The Rocket, the fan club newsletter, in the mail.

I still have one actually, it’s yellow and will likely turn to ash soon, but it takes me right back to being a rabid 10-year-old Bure fan.

In doing Bure research to cover his Hall of Fame induction I’ve actually been using the Pavel Bure Fan Club website quite a bit - yes, it is still up a running and it’s a fantastic wealth of everything Bure.

Nick is the brains behind the operation, I found that out when I emailed him recently to say thank you for his time and efforts. He said his one-man operation has always been “a labor of appreciation of Pavel’s talents.”

Thank you for everything Nick - especially for not removing the links to other Pavel sites.

Browsing through the links the other day I stumbled upon the most fantastically out of date Bure fan site the internet has to offer.

Please click this link. Here it is again. You know you’re in the right place if an instrumental version of ‘(Everything I Do) I Do It for You’ by Bryan Adams starts playing.

Welcome to Pasha’s Palace.

Have a look around. Check out the incredible vintage audio and video clips and some rare photos of the Russian Rocket, but most of all, play Bure Concentration. Then play it again.

Are we having fun yet? I AM!!!

Now good luck beating my imaginary concentration high score and getting Bryan Adams out of your head.