Mission: art Bure

This weekend Pavel Bure and three others will be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, joining 366 players, builders and on-ice officials in the shrine.

“It’s an amazing honour,” Bure will likely say, “but it would be even better if Fort Nucks ran an art contest to honour my time in Vancouver,” he likely wouldn’t add.

Your pretend wish is our command Mr. Russian Rocket.

It’s time for another Fort Nucks deviantArt contest, this time dedicated to Pavel Bure, which I’m sure you gathered.

Next, gather your art supplies and get moving. Due to the tight turnaround of just recently getting the green light to cover the Bure induction and the actual ceremony going down next Monday, there’s no time to waste.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: art Bure in whatever way, shape or form lets you pay tribute to the most exciting player in Canucks history. What was it about Bure that set him apart from others? Whatever it was for you, make it come to life through cartoons and comics, digital art, drawings, paintings, or others.

The fine print:

1. Sign up for a free deviantArt account, then join #VancouverCanucks page on deviantArt.

2. Create a fabulous work of art. As mentioned, cartoons and comics, digital art, drawings, paintings, or others, are all welcome. Submit said art to the #VancouverCanucks page (click gallery, go into the contest folder titled: Contest – Hall of Fame Bure, then click submit).

3. That’s it. (Contest is open to new and existing members)

The contest begins today, November 6th, and runs until Sunday, November 11th. We’re hoping to secure a prize for this contest from the Hockey Hall of Fame banquet itself, but as of now you are submitting art to submit art.

Truthfully, I’m hoping to show Bure a few of the submissions and have him pick his favourite.

The winner, who may or may not receive a prize, will also be inducted into the Fort Nucks Art Hall of Fame, alongside Shan317, kkylasmithh, ArtAngelo and peanutjester.