Excellent Adventure: Bure

Joey, Rory & Jory are at it again, this time in a special Hall of Fame Excellent Adventure.

The three amigos have been given the green light to cover Pavel Bure’s upcoming induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame; the team departs Saturday and will not only cover Bure receiving his HHOF blazer and ring, but also his return to the ice in the Legends Classic game Sunday.

If you joined us for the previous four Excellent Adventures this summer, you know to expect the unexpected, and that counts double for this trek.

Joey Kenward and Rory McGarry are true professionals; you don’t have to worry about them. I, Derek Jory, on the other hand, have been able to mask my Canucks fandom for years, but reality will set in when I’m face-to-face with The Russian Rocket - the freakin’ Russian Rocket!!!

I’ll expand on my admiration for Bure as we get closer to this weekend’s trip, just know that he played a major role in getting me to where I am today – and we’ve never even met. has some fantastic coverage planned for the Bure weekend, including exclusive videos, stories and behind-the-scenes social coverage (maybe even a Twitter Q&A), and we’ll also launch a Fort Nucks art contest themed around Bure later today.

I now turn the microphone over to you Canucks fans: what would you say to Bure if you had the chance? What do you want to know about him, past or present? What can we do during this Excellent Adventure to bring you closer to Bure?

Leave a comment below with anything and everything Bure related. We’ll do our best to produce coverage worthy of the most exciting player in Canucks history.