Hall of Fans

It’s time the Green Men were recognized for being more than green men.

It’s time to enshrine Force and Sully into ESPN’s Hall of Fans.

The new Hall of Fans is an institution committed to honoring greatness in sports fandom; according to ESPN, “The mission of the Hall of Fans is to discover, elevate, and celebrate greatness in sports fandom.”

In Vancouver, it doesn’t get any greater (or greener) than Force and Sully. The dynamic duo first attended a Canucks game enveloped from head to toe in skintight green nylon in 2009 and although they weren’t credited with any points in the 4-1 win over Nashville, the eccentric, menacing pair assisted the home team by getting under the skin of the opposition (see: Scatchard, Dave) with their antics.

That was the beginning and there’s no end in sight.

Force and Sully have been to more than 50 Canucks home and away games since, typically seated beside the visitor’s penalty box distracting all those who enter, while pumping up the crowd.

The Green Men (both under the name Sully O) are now part of the 10 finalists with a shot at being inducted into the Hall of Fans during its inaugural year. Only three finalists will be chosen, so the boys need your help.

CLICK HERE to cast your vote for Force and Sully – the men brave enough to don taut suits as thin as a slice of cheese, that provide about as much coverage as SPF 5 sunscreen, in order to give the Canucks an edge.

You can vote once a day from now until August 31st.

It’s not easy being green, it’s even harder getting into the Hall of Fans.