Team Derek

I’m excited to meet Derek Joslin. I’m excited to meet all the new Canucks, naturally, but Joslin is already shaping up to be a special player based on his first name alone.

He’s a Derek, so he’s family.

Plus I want to get his take on being named Derek, since apparently it’s a name no one uses anymore and is “immune to rehabilitation,” according to our friends over at BBC.

Tim Hemming, the Canucks IT guru who keeps my phone running despite it not having legs, forwarded me THIS ARTICLE two days ago. Give it a glance. It’s hilarious. What I learned is that Derek is out as a name and, truth be told, it was never really in.

"It’s 1,158th on the baby name list, equal with Ace, Kofi and Om"

Ace, Kofi and Om? Unless we’re talking Ace Ventura, I have never met anyone with those names. I do, however, know a handful of Dereks, and yes, Derek Jeter is included as someone I “know.”

So I wrote in to the BBC to defend my good name, and that of Joslin and Jeter.

HERE’S THE FOLLOW UP ARTICLE, complete with a photo of me and my son I submitted for them to use. This is a hilarious article to read (and is worth reading all the way down for Bland’s comments alone), but I’m curious as to how the name Derek has served Joslin throughout his life.

Having signed with the Canucks this summer, it clearly isn’t hindering him.


Derek Bonus Quiz: Can you name the Dereks above? Some have the first name, others use it as a last name, some are real, some are fake.

Good luck and Derekspeed.