The one about…the Naslund commercial

What do Markus Naslund, Ilya Kovalchuk and Steve Pinizzotto have in common?

They all starred in the following commercial.

Did you spot Pinizzotto? Neither did I. But he swears he was one of the Vancouver Canucks extras on the ice in the opening hockey scene and he has the photos to support his story.

Shuffling through photo albums Saturday at Pinizzotto’s childhood home, he came to a page with photos of him, in Canucks gear, beside Naslund in one, and Kovalchuk in the other.

Pinizzotto is a master at Photoshop?

“Those are real,” he laughed. “I auditioned, I ended up winning the part, and then I found out it was with Naslund and Kovalchuk. I even wore the Canucks jersey, by chance. Kind of crazy. I think I was 17 here, maybe. I look so young.

“I’m glad that wasn’t the only time I got to put on an NHL jersey.”