The one about…his love of golf

When we walked into Steve Pinizzotto’s house Saturday morning, the golf channel was on.

When we walked into the kitchen, a Tiger Woods DVD was on the counter.

When we cut through the garage to get to his car, a large set of golf clubs sat in the entrance, a Peter Griffin cover hugging and protecting his driver.

“I love golf, I actually spent all day Friday at the Canadian Open,” revealed Pinizzotto, who took in the second round of action at the Hamilton Golf and Country Club in Ancaster, Ontario.

“A buddy called me up on Thursday and said he had VIP passes, so we hung out in this tent where they had food and drinks, and it was near one of the grandstands right where 18th hole finishes and the 10th hole tees off. It was a perfect location.”

This was Pinizzotto’s first experience watching golf live and blown away is an understatement.

“The consistency of those guys is wild, I feel like nothing really affects them, it seems like every shot is the same, they’re not really changing anything. They just place the ball and move on. It’s unbelievable.”

Asked to compare his game to that of someone on the PGA tour, Pinizzotto wouldn’t do it. “Whoever is the worst on tour,” he laughed. “They’re all great.”

He’s a Tiger guy, for better or worse, and earlier this week he was out on the links looking like Tiger off the tee and on the putting greens.

“I’d like my game to be a little bit better. Some days it’s pretty good, I went out with my buddies on Wednesday and shot an 83, and that’s with a couple of double bogeys too. My putting game is awful.”

Pinizzotto said he’ll get out golfing 20 times this summer and someday that will include a round at Pebble Beach in California, his dream course “because of all the history.”