The one about…the new mask

Cory Schneider’s new mask made its on-ice debut Tuesday during an hour-and-a-half on-ice session in Boston and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive from the Vancouver Canucks goaltender.

“I’m very happy with the look of it and it felt great out there today,” said Schneider, cradling the mask as if it were his firstborn.

As with Schneider, there are many layers to this mask. The colours, Canucks green and blue are dominant, while a sharp chrome cage gives the mask a sleek feel. On the left and right sides the Canucks orca is present, albeit with bubbles above his head as part of an underwater theme, while the chin has CANUCKS written several times. Look closer through each of the aforementioned areas and native orcas are found in the background. Nice touch.

The top of the mask features a large Johnny Canuck team logo with BAUER written underneath, just above the chrome masking.

More bubbles on the back right side, NONE SHALL PASS in the middle and RYP, a tribute to Schneider’s fallen teammate Rick Rypien on the left.

This mask has it all, including a very satisfied owner.

“It turned out pretty great,” boasted Schneider. “There’s some subtlety to it and I like the chrome cage and how sharp the details are. It’s a different look.”

The design was brought to life by Swedish pro airbrush artist David Gunnarsson of; he’s done masks for Henrik Lundqvist, Pekka Rinne, Carey Price, Tomas Vokoun, Jose Theodore, Steve Mason, Marty Turco, Kari Lehtonen and a host of others. Basically if you can think of an NHL netwinder with a spectacular mask, Gunnarsson created it.

He now comes highly recommended from Schneider as well.

Fort Nucks exclusive photos of Schneider’s new mask