Excellent Adventure: Schneider

Hey there sleepyhead! Nice of you to finally join us. Out here in Boston, the second stop on Joey, Jory & Rory’s Excellent Adventure, the day is half over, as is our time with Cory Schneider.

The Canucks goaltender puts new meaning to rise and shine as we met him for his daily workout at 6 a.m. - that’s 3 a.m. Pacific Time if you’re wondering. Starbucks wasn’t even open yet (more on that later).

We have a bit of a break now with Schneider tending to some personal matters before we travel to his hometown. During the trip we’ll have a Twitter Q&A, so make sure to be following @VanCanucks for the chance to get your questions answered.

And, as always, if you have a question, comment, concern or restaurant recommendation for Joey, Rory or myself, let us know.