The one about…the couch

Walk into Chez Lapierre, go past the twirly stairs that lead to the second floor and take a right. You’ll head down a staircase to a pimped out basement that is every guy’s dream. Jerseys on the wall, a remarkable home theatre setup, D-box seats, a trophy room – you name it, he’s got it.

One of the most comfortable couches my bottom has ever had the pleasure of meeting makes watching movies a dream for the couple, but as Lapierre explained, moving the large white leather beauty to the basement was a nightmare.

He lead me back up the stairs, bent down and pointed to a bruise in the wall that I somehow missed.

“Tasha and I decided we wanted to move the couch from upstairs to downstairs the other day,” he chuckled. “We got to this point on the stairs when we realized it’s a two man job, like for two strong men. That’s why there’s the big dent in the wall. The couch was actually stuck on the stairs for 15 minutes, with Tasha kind of stuck with it. I had to call Guillaume Latendresse to come help me move it. Thankfully he lives close by and was able to come help.”

Natasha was not injured in the couch incident.