The one about…the police

Maxim Lapierre is a big deal - a BIG DEAL - in Montreal.

When he was drafted to the Canadiens the hometown boy became an instant fan favourite. His face was plastered all over town - “billboards everywhere, huge ones on the highway, it was nuts” - so he has one of the most recognizable faces in La belle ville.

Just as we were wrapping up our first interview of the day outside the Bell Centre, a Montreal Police car rolled up with the officer inside preparing to ticket us for parking where we shouldn’t be parked.

Maxim walked over, said something very quickly in french, and walked back to us. “It’s all good,” he nodded.

En route to the house he grew up in I asked him what he said. “I just told him we were all finished and we were leaving.” And did him being Maxim Lapierre help the situation, I inquired. “Nope,” he replied, with a sheepish smile.

We probably could have parked on the ice at the Bell Centre and it would have been fine. I guarantee it actually.