Joey, Jory & Rory’s Excellent Adventure

What do you do all summer?

That’s the question I’ve been asked quite a bit over the past few months. My answer: what the Vancouver Canucks do. Get away from hockey, travel, relax, refocus and recharge.

But is that actually what the players do in the off-season?

We’re all about to find out.

What is being called Joey, Jory & Rory’s Excellent Adventure begins today as CanucksTV’s Joey Kenward, Canucks cameraman Rory McGarry and myself,’s Derek Jory, hit the road for four hometown player visits, beginning Sunday in Montreal with Maxim Lapierre.

What you can expect from our week on the road is access to the Canucks like never before – and I’m not just saying that because it sounds good. We’ll be in their homes, meeting their family and friends and touring the hometown areas that made them who they are today. Everything will be turned around for your viewing and reading pleasure on, CanucksTV, Fort Nucks, @VanCanucks on Twitter and on the Vancouver Canucks Facebook page.

And you thought we were in the middle of the dog days of summer. Think again.

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