Art attack

It’s summer, the sun is out and the great outdoors are calling!

Don’t answer the phone.

If you go outside you’ll need sunscreen and bug spray and snacks and a new swimsuit – ain’t nobody got time for that.

Why not spend some time inside this summer and win a Vancouver Canucks team-signed stick?

(Drum roll please…)

It’s time for another Fort Nucks deviantArt contest!

(…pause for applause)

Your mission is simple: be as creative as freakin’ possible and put your heart and soul into a piece that best represents the theme Canucks in the Summer. That will mean something different to everyone and that’s awesome because there’s no right or wrong, just amazing art.

The fine print:

1. Sign up for a free deviantArt account, then join #VancouverCanucks page on deviantArt.

2. Create a fabulous work of art that fits into either cartoons and comics, digital art, drawings, paintings, or others, and submit it to the #VancouverCanucks page (click gallery, go into the contest folder titled: Contest – Canucks in the Summer, then click submit).

3. That’s it. (Contest is open to new and existing members)

The contest begins today, June 11th, and runs until July 11th. Hurry up and submit your art, or take your time sending it in, it’s up to you. Just know that after the deviantArt members vote to determine the Final 5, a secret panel of Canucks Employee Judges will determine the Grand Pooh-Bah Champion of the Art World.

The winner will also be inducted into the Fort Nucks Art Hall of Fame, alongside Shan317, kkylasmithh and ArtAngelo.

Why are you still reading this? Go do your thing!