Stack the goalie

It’s time I came clean.

I love dinosaurs.

You do too, or you don’t, but I’ll pretend you do because that means we’re friends, friends who discuss dinosaurs.

When I was shuffling through the file folders that made their way onto my desk a few weeks ago, a handful of Vancouver Canucks almost mascots surfaced. I used that information to write this story, in celebration of Fin and his 11th birthday.

This photo gallery portrayed some of the mascots the Canucks almost went with instead of Fin; they’re outrageous to say the least and I can’t imagine a world with any of them as a stand in for Fin…except Stack.

Please allow me to introduce you to Stack the Goalie. He’s a styracosaurus (Ancient Greek for Spiked Lizard) and a pretty bad ass one at that. He’s a goalie, who, because of his large horn and frills, doesn’t need a mask, he stops pucks with his handy head shield and uses his trademark stack of the pads to stop shots. His pads even form a smiley face when pressed together. Groovy.

He’s everything a mascot should be and more - he’s a dinosaur. Sorry, I realize the Ross from Friends is really coming out of me right now, but there’s just something about dinosaurs that gets my attention. It likely relates back to watching Jurassic Park in the theater as a kid right after my dad had taken my brother and I to buy marbles, but I digress.

While I’m glad the Canucks mascot is Fin, Stack would have been a solid second choice. But there’s no connection to the Canucks… I realize that, but you’re missing the point.

He’s a dinosaur!

Here are a few more exclusive photos of Stack. Try to enjoy them as much as I do.