Pro Puzzle 1

It’s Monday afternoon, you just ate lunch and you’re feeling lethargic. You need something to boost your spirits and I’ve got just the thing: Ice Age.

Sorry, I’m not talking about having a Rogers Arena viewing party of those amazingly good animated movies with Manny, Sid and Diego (and Scrat of course), I’m referring to Ice Age: The Official Magazine of the Vancouver Canucks.

You never know what you’ll find on the free table in the Canucks employee lunchroom and I recently stumbled upon a stack of Ice Age magazines from 1995. I flipped a few open and was mesmerized, an issue from November 3, 1995, featuring Corey Hirsch, was especially mesmerizing. I’d scan the entire issue for you if I had time, but I’ve got a lot of Facebooking things to do, so here’s a Pro Puzzle crossword to brighten your day.

First person to post a link to their finished puzzle wins Fort Nucks Bragging Rights (FNBR), which can be redeemed at the end of the summer for pride.