The 20 finalists

A few weeks ago I asked you, our lovely fans, to submit what you thought the top moments of the season were for the Vancouver Canucks. There were some exceptional responses and in the end the Top 20 Moments (Part 1 I Part 2) were chosen from the list and rearranged counting down from 20 to 1.

And now we’ve got 20 finalists for a Canucks team-signed flag and they are…

Karen Friesen, Ann-Kathrin Thiele, Bridget Womelduff, Muhammad Faateh Malik, Zachary Wyder, Matt Hastings, Kaeleigh Evans, Tinder Brar, Jeffrey Blayne Tommy, Lori Mustvedt-Garson, David Lobakgo, Lee Renée Siu, Allison Wright, Tina Berkenpas, Andrew Schroeder, Greg Dion, Karl Hohensee, Krystal Soong, Emma Tyler and Sal Sagev.

I’ll come clean right now and admit that Sal Sagev doesn’t exist. No one suggested Andrew Ebbett scoring the game-winner in his first game back from a broken collarbone as a moment, and I thought it was significant, so Sal Sagev was born. It’s Las Vegas backwards.

So the finalists each had a 1 in 19 chance of winning, you can thank Sal for that.

I wanted to determine a winner in the most creative way possible and my first thought was to buy 20 turtles, one linked to each contestant, and have a turtle race. I was told to tone it down a bit, so I thought having a wind-up toy race would be pretty cool. I went to two toy stores this morning and couldn’t find anything, so the toy race was cancelled.

On to Plan C: oh, right, I didn’t have a Plan C. So my officemate Mike and I set up a bracket with the 20 finalists (we included Sal Sagev to keep it even) and we spun quarters to determine the winner. Here’s the breakdown of how things went, the final round was Lori vs. Tinder vs. Emma in a three quarter battle royale and Emma Tyler (yes, spun by me) outlasted Lori and Tinder. (Thanks, I realize I have the worst writing ever…)

Thanks for everyone who submitted entries and congrats to Emma!