Keep on, keepin’ on

Hey everyone!

Good news is I feel better today than I did yesterday, bad news is I still couldn’t play today in our game against France. The boys played well and won 7-2, so it looks like they didn’t miss me too much!

I’m still following protocol, yesterday I did a 20 minute bike ride and everything went good, today I skated on my own for about 25 minutes and didn’t have any problems. Hopefully that stays the same and I can skate with the team tomorrow. Our next game is Wednesday against Switzerland.

I’ve been spending even more time with my roommate Vlasic than usual because he suffered a knee injury against the USA, so we both watched today from the press box. He’s a good guy, all the guys are actually. We had a nice team dinner last night at one of Helsinki’s best steakhouses and yesterday afternoon me and some of the guys had a few friendly games of poker. I did really good for myself - no poker pros like Roberto here…

I’m really starting to miss my wife Nancy and my 1 year old daughter Victoria. We’ve been doing quite a bit of visiting over Skype and FaceTime, but it’s difficult with the huge time difference. Thankfully they are both coming here in a few days, so I’m really looking forward to spending time with them.

Just like that, it’s time to say good night.


*Photo credit to Jeff Vinnick, who is at the World Championships shooting for the IIHF.