A little sightseeing

First things first, that’s a tough loss to take. It’s hard watching your team play without you and even harder watching a loss, you always think you could have done something to help them win.

I didn’t play today, the docs and I want to make sure I feel 100% before I get back on the ice. I was a little wobbly after the hit, like you probably saw, so that’s why I didn’t return against Slovakia. I’m feeling good today, no real concussion symptoms, so I’ll keep following the NHL protocol for these kind of injuries and if things stay the same, I hope to get back out there soon.

Thanks for all the kind words and support, I really appreciate it!

I can’t stop thinking about playing my first international game the other night, even though it didn’t end as planned for me. It was fun to see the team come up with a win, that’s all that really matters when you put on that jersey. The crowd was great, as I expected, and it was wild again today against the USA and it should be the same against Finland.

Today was weird for me. Knowing I wasn’t playing, I didn’t have the same game day routine. I wanted to let my roommate Vlasic nap this afternoon, so I walked around Helsinki and went to watch the movie American Reunion. It was very funny and I was able to relax while doing a little sightseeing, which was great.

I saw a question on my first blog about food and how different it is here. We have a great set up at the team hotel as far as food goes, we have a team buffet for every meal, so the food is very similar to North America. It’s pretty much the same as the NHL here, it’s the Never Hungry League…

That’s all I got for you!

Talk soon.


*Photo credit to Jeff Vinnick, who is at the World Championships shooting for the IIHF.